Certified Care Care - Damage to Bumper While in Auto Repair Shops Possession


Brought to Certified Car Care for gas leak. Was told it would be done same day. Came to pick car up and it was not completed after having it for 6 hours. Was given rental for the night at their expense. Rental company said insurance was not covered by garage ($30 for insurance to cover loss of revenue if car was in accident while being repaired).

Came back second day to pick up car and drove it off property and it stalled in middle of street and would not start. This was at 2pm. Let garage know I had to be at an extremely important eye appointment at 4:30. Car still not working at 3:30 and discovered it needed an "air flow meter" and will have it ready in 30 minutes. Car still not ready at 4:15 with new part.

Manager left for 60 minutes, no one around to make decision for another rental - missed appointment. Manager showed back up just before 5:30 and gave another rental at their expense. Had to pay another $30. Next day garage called said car was ready. Tried to pay for new part - car rental put a $400 hold on my credit card and said they would not release until garage paid for rental of two days.

Paid garage under $1000 for work. Started car and huge amount of smoke came out of exhaust. Went back in and manager said it was normal after working on injectors and needs to "burn off.' A week later still smoking upon start up and car running poor and leaking again. Contacted manager and was told to bring it back in but would not give ride home (I did not want rental). Contacted sister garage in another city and they said to bring it in.

Brought car to sister garage and kept it over night - left outside. Garage called and said they could not find leak (still leaking fuel) and said it needed tune-up and new hose. Smoke was due to it needing a valve job. Declined service. Went to pick-up car and was ambushed by both owners making excuses for first shop. Also said that when some work is done it causes other problems with car which is what I am experiencing. Went to car and found major damage to bumper. Went back in to report to owner. Owner came out and inspected and denied it happened while in their possession. Asked one more time of accepting responsibility for damage to bumper - owner denied again.

Review about: Bumper.

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